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Welcome to the SharePoint Legacy Versions - Customizations forum. Use this forum to discuss topics about SharePoint Designer, InfoPath and other customizations for versions of SharePoint prior to 2010. Questions about SharePoint 2010 customizations can be answered here: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/sharepointcustomizationprevious and questions about SharePoint 2013 search can be found here: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/sharepointcustomization
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    How to add express in sharepoint 2013 email flow.

    Left: time in my list( setting CST), Right (Email time)

    My problem: how to convert email time zone in email?


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    I create a table by using html code in email, preview: the size looks good.

    But when I received the email,  the size changed.  How ito fix it?

    My code:

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    I have a email html template, and I try to add value,  but it shows as follow, what is the problem and how to solve it?

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    I have

      List A summary:  ID  name  city  (have all information)

       List B current: ID  (entering id, will get name and city from list A)   ID: name ,  ID: city

    Now: My problem :

      1.I need add "list B -- ID name" into workflow, but I can't find it

      2. I try to add lookup for string as following setting ,but It doesn't work:

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    I have if else condition like this:



    and  (b=1 or b=2)

    and (c=1 or c=2)

    How I can add it in workflow?

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    I have a list column using lookup column, But I try to add it in my email, but I can't find them. How to fix it?

    MY list: the name/ stete/ region column is lookup column:

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    I try to create a workflow-- insert or update row in excel?

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    I have some column shows in "View item" Page, how to hide them? 

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    I have a list with several fields, 4 of them are Due Dates. I need to send different emails for the same item, based on these 4 dates plus 30 days. When the first email is sent for the earlier date, the workflow must continue running for the other dates in the same item. I've created 4 custom fields = dates + 30 days. I've tried "Pause" sentence in parallel but the workflow finished after sending the email corresponding to the first "Pause".


    date 1: 10-08-2019

    date 2: 10-09-2019

    date 3: 10-10-2019

    date 4: 10-11-2019

    Calculated fields are date + 30:

    date 1 calculated: 11-07-2019

    date 2 calculated: 11-08-2019

    date 3 calculated: 11-09-2019

    date 4 calculated: 11-10-2019

    I need to send an email on 11-07-2019, then the second one on 11-08-2019, the third one on 11-09-2019 and the last one on 11-10-2019. Only after all the emails have been sent, the workflow for this item should stop.

    Thanks a lot for your help!

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    My problem is a two part one.

    First, I want to allow users to attach an excel file via an infopath form. The purpose of this is that the user fills the form with some key information and uploads an excel file containing a detail of POs requests - it could very well be over 100 POs, so doing it on infopath is not viable.

    After the user uploads the file via the form, I want to notify the manager that a new request has been uploaded. Problem is, I need the manager to manually approve each PO in the excel file by writing a simple "Yes/No" in a column. When the manager is ready revising all the POs, I need to notify the requestor that his file has been revised and that they should check it out.

    If the requestor changes something on the file, the approval process starts again with the manager. I dont believe it is possible to allow the manager see what exactly changed on the file so maybe adding a comment field from the requestor where they will highlight what they changed would work.

    How could I accomplish this using Sharepoint 2013 + Infopath 2013 + Nintex Workflow. Is it even possible to do all of this?

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    We have created a SharePoint 2010 Document Approval workflows ( Reusable) in SharePoint 2013 site . To deploy it to test / staging / prod environment , we are saving it as Template and creating WSP . It has a custom Task form and  another InfoPath form to select users from approvers group using people picker. When we use this WSP workflow in Target environment , it some times fails to start ( internal server error) and sometimes it starts but is unable to create a Task . No permission issues . if we open deployed workflow in designer it , shows <code>.returnvalue for variable values and if we try to update variables values ( i.e. Currenttask>Assigned To> etc , they are missing .

    We migrated the same workflow using Sharegate and it worked without any issue.

    Are there any known issues with WSP deployment of sharepoint designer reusable workflows ?

    Is Sharegate a recommended approach for workflow migration? and for updates to workflow.

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    HI All,

    When i open the SharePoint Online site from the browser in the "SharePoint Designer 2013" by using the "Page" tab -->"Edit in SharePoint Designer" as well as even if i try to open the site while providing the site url and say open, in both the way i am not able to open the site in designer it is giving the ms office popup for adding the credentials and after adding the credentials it says incorrect user id or password.<o:p></o:p>

    i checked my credentials, there is no problem with the credentials. I cleared the SharePoint designer cache as well as uninstall and installed the SP designer 2013 and restart the machine too, but after doing all these steps i am still not able to open the site in SP designer, the strange thing is i was able to open it few days back, but the only change happened to the user id is MFA authentication has enabled for my account, below is the screen shots for the steps which i am refering to open the site in sp designer. 

    <o:p>Kindly suggest.</o:p>

    Step 1:


    Step 2: 

    Step 3:

    Roopak Sahoo

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    I have a Sharepoint site where we keep a fleet of vehicles.

    now we have vehicles that can be returned to the dealer for inspection within 2 year.

    for this I would like to make an automatic item if this vehicle is about 2 months before that date.

    I first thought of a workflow but that only works if you create or change an item.

    anyone have a different idea?

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    I'm working on a project in which I will combine 3 different business reports (captured in 3 sperate lists) by using one InfoPath form.  The reports have several fields in common, but others make them unique.  The master list where the InfoPath form will be housed, will utilize a SP 2010 Workflow to copy items from the master list to the 3 separate lists.  The issue I am having is if/when the master list item is edited (which I need my customers to have that option), my workflow creates another version of the item in the other lists (if they were selected on the InfoPath form).  I am searching for a solution that would update or delete the previous version of the item in any of those 3 lists.  The only unique identifier for each item will be the title. 

    I have tried versioning control, but that only works for the master list.  The 3 other list ignore versioning because each time the workflow copies an item from my master list to one of the other list a new ID number is used.  I have also tried enforcing unique values, but this option does not capture updates if/when an item is updated on the master list.

    Tools at my disposal:  SharePoint 2013 (although we are moving to SharePoint 2019 within the next year), InfoPath 2013, and SharePoint Designer 2013.

    In advance, thank you for any assistance or ideas.


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    Our company has monthly manager-agent meetings where the agent is expected to fill out a goals setting form and the manager pulls it up. The form was created in excel and is uploaded to SharePoint folder. Rather then using the stagnant Excel form and uploading method, my goal is:

    1. Use an InfoPath form to submit the goal setting to a SharePoint list
    2. Have form auto populates fields like "Last month's goals" and "Current metrics" pulling from other list items, items from other lists, and/or excel sheets on condition of the agent submitting the form
    3. Enable agents and managers to pull up current or past forms rather then viewing them in list format.

    To my understanding, SharePoint can calculate fields from other columns in the same row, but not from another row. Can InfoPath fill fields with data from any list item? Can InfoPath pull data from an Excel sheet?


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    Can anyone please help me how I can delete Documents older than a specific days from across the site? I want to delete any document exists older than a specif days and not specific to a List.

    Please help

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  • 12/13/19--05:38: SharePoint Alerts
  • My SharePoint has migrated to SharePoint Online. With the original SharePoint, my alert emails would include what fields were edited.  With the migration, all that the email says is that the "account" has been changed.  The "accounts" are shared and I now have no way of knowing what has changed which makes having the alerts useless. 

    How do I get the emails to show the edits to the "accounts?" 

    Thank you for your assistance.

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    I am unable to upload 13 MB data in My SharePoint Online List. Is this due to Limitation of Microsoft. If yes then how much data we can upload in SharePoint Online List.

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    I've created a sharepoint site with a view which uses grouping. This allows me to drag and drop documents from one group to another and adapting the metadata automaticaly. 

    The problem is when in have al large document library and i want to drag and drop a document from a group located at the end of the view to a group at the beginning of the view, this is not possible , because ther is no horizontal scrolling pôssible when dragging the document to the target group. 

    How can this be solved ? 

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    I've created a parallel workflow to send different emails to different user groups when a list item is created. The workflow works perfectly for me (with "Full Control") but when I create an item with another account the workflow will run part way, sending one email, then suspend. If I terminate and restart in my account it will work so I'm inclined to think it's a permission problem as I'm also getting the 401 error code, but am perplexed as to why it will part run before suspending. All other workflows are also triggering and running correctly. Have already given the other accounts "Edit" to fix but still no luck.

    Any ideas